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Our singular passion is to grow your wealth, in the best way and the right way, so that you can fully experience life as you envision it for yourself and your family whilst creating and driving your legacy.

As a multi-family office in Sri Lanka, we help you understand your complete wealth picture including traditional and alternative assets, current and future expenses and the legacy you wish to leave behind.

We take into account your personal preferences and expectations to strategically plan your customised portfolio with a long-term view, constantly re-evaluating and updating to manage risks and take advantage of new investment opportunities.

We take responsibility for managing your wealth including assisting with administrative services so you can invest in living your ideal life.

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We provide objective advice on all types of investments including securities, real estate and private equity over short- and long-term investment horizons. Our advice is based on meticulous research, in-depth insight and international best practices. As a truly independent partner we are free from institutional conflicts of interests, ensuring completely impartial advice.
We help you address the challenge of tackling the complexities of tax laws and regulations of diverse investment interests amidst ever-changing market conditions. Working alongside top tax firms, we advise you on all areas of personal taxation, ensuring the most efficient tax structure for you.
We work with select law firms to successfully transfer family wealth in line with your aspirations. We help execute intergenerational wealth transfer in a financially prudent and legally compliant manner.
We assist you to discern your vision for the future including your philanthropic mission and establish your legacy in line with your values and beliefs. Be it a family foundation or trust, we will take into account your overarching philanthropic goals and tax implications to create the optimal plan for you.
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